McKayla Maroney Stumbles on Way to Silver in Vault (1 year and 8 months ago)

Aug 5, 2012

The American McKayla Maroney, the overwhelming favorite to win a gold medal on vault, ended up with the silver medal after falling on her second vault. full story

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Olympic photos: McKayla Maroney's gold hopes slip on vault after butt landing (1 year and 8 months ago)

American gymnast McKayla Maroney loses gold after falling on vault (1 year and 8 months ago)

Maroney of US falls, earns silver on vault (1 year and 8 months ago)

American favorite Maroney falls on the vault (1 year and 8 months ago)

Gymnsatics: Izbasa upsets Maroney to win vault gold (1 year and 8 months ago)

Fall pushes Maroney to silver, Izbasa wins gold (1 year and 8 months ago)

USA's McKayla Maroney takes silver after fall in women's vault (1 year and 8 months ago)

What to watch: Bolt, Maroney, Murray go for gold (1 year and 8 months ago)

Gymnastics gold slips away from Maroney, Smith (1 year and 8 months ago)

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